Easy Steps to Claim Your Google Business Profile Listing

26 Jan, 2022

Today, 70%+ of customers are using your GBP listing to determine whether or not they will patronize your business. They look at the information available including photos, customer reviews, customer star ratings, whether or not you're interactively responding to customer comments on your business, and how informative your GMB is to determine whether they can trust your business.

Often times, prospective customers will not even visit your website before making a decision to patronize your business. They'll simply rely on the information contained in your GBP listing. Because of this, think of your GMB as a mini-website that Google looks to in order to validate your business. If your GBP listing is comprehensive and informative, it builds trust with Google. And when you build trust, your rankings in the search engine improves. More visibility means more prospects, and ultimately more sales.

I'll share a quick tutorial on how to claim your business listing on Google.

Go to www.business.google.com and use your Google login. I'm assuming this is the first time you will be claiming or creating your GMB listing, so Google will step you through a series of questions as follows:

·         Business Name?

·         Business Category?

·         Do You Want to Add a Location that Customers Can Visit, Like a Store or Office?

Note: If you're a business with a fixed location (i.e. auto repair, retail store, etc.) you can check "Yes" and add your address information. If you're a service-based business which goes to customer locations to provide service (any tradespeople or home service businesses, for example), you can check "No" and proceed.

·         Where Do You Serve Your Customers?

Note: Enter the area that you service (i.e. Pittsburgh, PA)

·         Contact Phone & Website (if you have one)

·         Finish and Manage This Listing

Note: There's a lot more you will be able to do once you complete your GBP listing. Once completed, you'll be able to manage your listing on Google, promote your business by adding photos & posts, respond to customer reviews of your business, add your hours of operation and special events, and so much more.

One final word of advice, just because you have an amazing website or any website at all, don't assume you don't need an informative and comprehensive Google Business Profile. Please make sure you take the time to make your GMB listing the best in your category. You'll be rewarded with new customers and more revenue! 

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